Trenchless Pipe Lining: A Lasting Cure to Invasive Tree Roots

broken old terracotta ceramic sewer pipe Mesa, AZ

Trees help cool your home and spruce up its curb appeal. However, they can pose serious problems with your plumbing system. Their roots constantly look for moisture and nutrients, which are present in your drain and sewer lines. Eventually, they can penetrate your pipes, causing severe clogs and backups. The good news is that Zippity…

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Repair or Replace Sewer Line: Which Is Better?

Sewer and water pipes fixed on a bricks Scottsdale, AZ

A damaged sewer line can cause a lot of problems for your home, so you’ll want to fix it as quickly as possible. However, you might wonder whether you need sewer repair in Scottsdale, AZ, or a full replacement. To help you make an informed decision, Zippity Split Plumbing discusses which approach is better for…

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Why P-Trap Matters for Your Drains

P-Trap pvc grey under kitchenTempe, AZ

There’s one component that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and functionality of our drains—the P-trap. It is a curved section of a pipe installed below a sink, bathtub, or any plumbing fixture that connects to a drain. Zippity Split Plumbing, your go-to expert in drain cleaning in Tempe,…

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When Is Trenchless Pipe Lining Not Recommended?

trenchless pipe lining Scottsdale, AZ

At Zippity Split Plumbing, we specialize in trenchless pipe lining, an efficient and innovative method of rehabilitating underground pipes without excavation. It involves inserting a flexible liner into the existing pipe and inflating it to create a new, smooth, and durable pipe within the old one. Trenchless pipe lining in Scottsdale, AZ, is effective in…

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Essential Steps to Take If You Have a Sewer Backup

backed-up toilet Mesa, AZ

A sewer backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It’s a messy and hazardous situation that requires immediate attention. If you are experiencing a backup, there are several steps you should take to protect your health and your property besides getting sewer repair in Mesa, AZ. Zippity Split Plumbing shares helpful tips: Shut Off the Water…

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Natural Homemade Drain Cleaners You Can Easily Make

running water down the drain Phoenix, AZ

Few things are worse than dealing with a clog in your home. When this happens, you can call Zippity Split Plumbing to perform drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. However, you can do your part while you wait for a pro to arrive at your home. These are some natural homemade drain cleaners you can make…

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Make the Most of Your Cast Iron Pipes With Pipe Lining

de scaled cast iron pipes Tempe, AZ

Cast iron pipes used to be the preferred choice for plumbing systems. After all, they offer several benefits, from durability to longevity. However, they come with one major drawback: corrosion. This flaw puts them at risk of premature failure. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem and get the most out of your cast iron pipes…

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The Sewer Line Repair Process, Explained

Zippity Split Plumbing team preparing for sewer line repair Scottsdale, AZ

Sewer lines are durable and long-lasting. However, they are not immune to damage. Over time, they may sustain clogs, leaks, cracks, and other problems. When left neglected, they can cause the system to back up or break down, wreaking havoc on your home. For this reason, you should get professional sewer repair in Scottsdale, AZ,…

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Adverse Effects of Beauty Products on Your Drains

a person using a facial cleanser and facing the mirror on top of the sink Phoenix, AZ

Beauty products have become an essential part of our daily routine. From shampoos and conditioners to makeup and body lotions, we rely on these products to help us feel clean and refreshed. However, many people don’t realize the impact of these products on the drains. Keep reading as Zippity Split Plumbing shares the repercussions of…

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What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining Cost-Effective?

trenchless pipe lining Scottsdale, AZ

When it comes to fixing damaged or deteriorating pipelines, many homeowners used to dread the thought of digging up their yards or landscaping to expose the faulty pipes. Thanks to technological advancements, they can now opt for trenchless pipe lining in Scottsdale, AZ, a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods. Pipe lining…

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