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When you work with a plumber in Sun City, AZ, for even simple repairs involving the sewer, you are probably worried about the mess and expense. The good news is that minimally invasive sewer repair is an option. This method requires less mess and time commitment than traditional repair methods.

An Overview of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining in Sun City, AZ, can be an excellent option for sewer pipes that are cracked, have holes in them, or that need a little reinforcement. The process involves placing a lining into the pipe that is slightly smaller than the pipe diameter. This will harden in place and create a new pipe interior.

In many cases, the lining can be inserted through an existing clean-out, which means there is no need to dig extensively. At times, minor excavation might be needed, but it will be nowhere to the extent of traditional pipe replacement or other sewer line repair methods. A felt or fiberglass pipe liner is soaked in a resin. The liner is threaded through the existing pipe.

The liner is inflated so that it is in contact with the old pipe. It is left to cure for 24 hours or more. Once the cure time has passed, the air is removed, and the job is done. The liner creates a solid, permanent new lining for the old pipe.

What Differentiates Pipe Lining?

Trenchless sewer repair has several advantages over traditional processes. For instance, it can usually be completed in one or two days with minimal excavation. It is less expensive than traditional pipe repair due to the need for less excavation and the hours involved in removing and replacing large sections of pipe. There is no need to fill in large trenches, and it does minimal damage to the landscaping.

Common Issues We Address

Our minimally invasive sewer repair services address many types of issues, including:

  • Collapsed pipes
  • Damage caused by tree roots
  • Cracked pipes
  • Pipes that are thin and need reinforced
  • Pipes damaged by improper plumbing techniques
  • Pipes that have settled and have leaky seams
  • Rusted pipes on older homes

In some cases, the pipe might need to be cleaned out before the lining can be installed. Trenchless pipe repair can resolve a wide range of problems, but some cases still exist that will require replacement or other services.

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