What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining Cost-Effective?

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When it comes to fixing damaged or deteriorating pipelines, many homeowners used to dread the thought of digging up their yards or landscaping to expose the faulty pipes. Thanks to technological advancements, they can now opt for trenchless pipe lining in Scottsdale, AZ, a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods.

Pipe lining is a modern pipe repair technique that involves using a resin-saturated liner on the damaged pipe and curing it in place with steam or UV light. Also known as cured-in-place or CIPP pipe lining, it creates a new pipe within the existing one, restoring its structural integrity and preventing further damage. But how can it save you money in the long run? Zippity Split Plumbing discusses further:


Pipe lining eliminates excavation, which is required in traditional procedures. Instead, we only need to dig small holes that serve as access points where we insert the liner. Trenchless pipe coating will keep nearby landscaping, yard, and sidewalk intact, saving you money on post-work restoration.

Fast Repair Process

Conventional methods can take days or even weeks to complete, resulting in longer downtime and increased expenses. On the other hand, we can finish trenchless pipe bursting within hours, depending on the job’s complexity. We also can do the job with a small crew and less equipment, equating to lower costs.

Superior Long-Term Solution

Like traditional repairs, sewer pipe lining can extend the life of your existing pipeline up to 50 years. The liner we use is durable and corrosion-resistant, reducing the need for frequent repairs or even a replacement. In turn, you can save a significant amount of money you can spend on more important things.

Environmentally Friendly

You’d be glad to know that trenchless pipe repair is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. It reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating excavation and material waste. What’s more, the liner used in CIPP lining is often made from recycled materials, further minimizing environmental impact and repair costs.

Benefit from trenchless technology by turning to one of the leading pipe lining companies in Scottsdale, AZ, like Zippity Split Plumbing. Contact us today for more information.

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