How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Clogged Garbage Disposal

A clogged garbage disposal can quickly turn a convenient kitchen appliance into a frustrating headache. However, fear not, for Zippity-Split Plumbing is here to help you navigate this common household issue and get your disposal back up and running in no time. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of…

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What is a Chair Height Toilet?

White Toilet

When it comes to our homes, we often prioritize comfort and convenience. One aspect of our living spaces that we might not always think about but greatly influences our daily lives is the humble toilet. Yes, that’s right! Toilets have evolved over the years, and one of the remarkable innovations that have gained popularity in…

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What is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

Drinking Filtered Water

Clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental necessity for all living beings. As concerns about water quality continue to rise, many individuals and businesses are turning to advanced water filtration technologies. One such technology that has gained popularity for its efficiency and effectiveness is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration. In this blog post, we…

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Who Is Responsible for a Clogged Toilet: Landlord or Tenant?

Clogged Toilet

In the realm of rental living, few things are as unpleasant as a clogged toilet. When faced with this messy and inconvenient situation, the question of responsibility often arises – who should bear the burden of fixing it, the landlord or the tenant? While every situation may have unique factors, the resolution of this issue…

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