Why Sewer Backups Are Dangerous

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Sewer backups are the last thing homeowners want to deal with, and they can be dangerous if not dealt with promptly. That said, understanding the risks associated with such backups is essential to prevent them from happening and minimize their impact if they do occur. Zippity Split Plumbing, your one-stop shop for sewer repair services, discusses how backups can put you in harm’s way.

Health Hazards

Sewer backups can create a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, posing health hazards to your family. Exposure to raw sewage can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and eye infections.

Once a backup happens, evacuate the affected area and turn off the water supply to your home immediately. Then, call a professional plumber for an emergency sewer repair in Queen Creek, AZ.

Property Damage

Sewer backups can cause extensive damage to your property, as they can ruin your floors, walls, and personal belongings. Additionally, the contaminated water can cause mold growth and damage to electrical systems, resulting in potential fires. If backups keep coming back despite multiple repairs, a sewer line replacement may be in order.

Financial Costs

Sewer backups can result in significant financial losses. Fixing the damage and disinfecting the affected areas can be costly, and your insurance may not cover all the expenses. Furthermore, it can reduce the value of your property and make it difficult to sell in the future.

You can steer clear sewer backups in the first place with regular inspections and maintenance by Zippity Split Plumbing. We will examine your sewer line and identify any signs of damage. Then, we will determine whether you need to repair or replace sewer line.

Taking preventive measures is key to keeping your sewer line in the best shape possible and avoiding costly problems down the road. At Zippity Split Plumbing, we will help you take care of your system. We offer proven solutions for sewer pipe line repair and replacement. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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