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If you’re looking for a plumber in Scottsdale AZ, you know that there are certain jobs that only a plumber should handle. A well-tuned plumbing system is one that you never notice, but a plumbing system on the fritz makes its presence known every second of every day. Faulty plumbing systems in need of repair have symptoms like flooding, leaks, cracks in the foundation, and clogs. There are many circumstances when you should reach out to a plumbing company in Scottsdale, AZ to have them do plumbing repairs. Some of those are listed below.

Sewer Repair

One situation that you’ll definitely need plumbing services for is sewer repair. When your sewer is damaged, it could overflow, pushing sewage out into the environment. Sewer pipes can crack or leak, causing flooding and severe damage to your home’s foundation. When you need sewer repair, you need to turn to a plumber. Plumbers have many different ways to repair sewers. They could decide to go with excavation, or they could use trenchless sewer repair methods. Either way, sewer repair is something that you need to call for professional help with as soon as possible.


If you’ve got leaks in your home, you’re going to want to reach out to a plumber as soon as possible. Whether leaks are coming from the walls or coming up through the floorboards, you need to find the source of the leak as soon as possible. Plumbers are trained to be able to locate, repair, and fix all types of leaks.


You’ll need to call a plumber as soon as you realize your home is taking on water. Call an emergency plumber right away so that they can identify the source of the overflow and set about fixing it. Some people wait to call a plumber if they see just a little bit of water in their basements, but they shouldn’t wait. A tiny gush of water can quickly turn into a tsunami.

Lots of Plumbing Issues at Once

If you suddenly notice that you’re experiencing a lot of different plumbing problems at the same time, reach out to a plumber as soon as you can. Lots of plumbing issues happening simultaneously usually means there’s a big, central issue somewhere in your system. A plumber will be able to come out and pinpoint the issue. Look for things like multiple drains getting clogged at the same time or leaks happening in different parts of the house.

Low Water Pressure

Reach out to a plumber if you’re experiencing low water pressure. Low water pressure usually means that there’s some sort of clog in the pipes that’s preventing water from flowing properly. It can also point to other issues. A plumber can come out to your house and let you know for sure.

Yard Is Wet

If you notice that your yard is suddenly wet for no reason, call a plumber. It could mean that there is some sort of break or leak in your sewer system beneath your yard. If it’s regular water, you probably have a leak in your water supply line. If the water smells bad, you could have a leak in your sewer. Reach out to a plumber to find out for sure.

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