What to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

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Plumbing emergencies can be stressful to deal with. Not only do you have to respond quickly to avoid further damage to your property, you also have to ensure that you have a reliable plumber to call on when needed.

When looking for a plumber in Tempe, AZ for emergency repairs, rest assured Zippity Split Plumbing is always at your service and ready to respond promptly when there’s an emergency situation demanding immediate attention. We share the following tips on what to do during a plumbing emergency.

Turn the Water Off

Emergency plumbing situations often involve leaking or gushing water. If this is what you’re experiencing, turn off the valve that supplies water to where it’s coming from – e.g., under your toilet or sink. If you have a larger leak, turn off the main valve. Turn your spigots on as well to let any excess water in your system drain once the main valve is turned off.

Avoid Potentially Harmful DIY Methods

For plumbing repairs that involve a clog, a properly used plunger may resolve the problem. However, if the clog remains even after plunging, it’s best to stop plunging, as doing so could push the debris further down or damage the pipe. Also, don’t use over-the-counter drain cleaners. These products tend to be corrosive, so there’s also the potential for pipe damage.

Unplug Any Leaking/Clogged Water-Based Appliances

If your emergency plumbing situation involves a leaking water heater, garbage disposal, washing machine, or dishwasher, turn off the appliance. This will reduce your risk of electrical shock until one of our plumbing pros can arrive to diagnose and resolve the problem.

When in need of urgent plumbing solutions, Zippity Split Plumbing is the plumbing company to call. We’re also easily accessible online. We’ll arrive promptly to size up the situation and recommend a prompt, affordable solution.

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