What Is Sewer Pipe Point Repair?

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When your drains keep on backing up, or there’s a foul odor that won’t go away in your home, seek sewer repair services in Mesa, AZ, from Zippity Split Plumbing as soon as possible. We will perform an in-depth camera inspection to examine its overall condition and get into the root of the problem. 

If our plumber in Mesa, AZ, determines that there’s damage in your sewer line that’s minimal or isolated, we may recommend pipe point repair. Find out how we can restore the integrity of your sewer system through this method.

How Does it Work?

Sewer point repair is a trenchless solution for rehabilitating sewer pipes. This sewer line repair method uses the same tools as full-pipe lining, but it only fixes a specific part of the pipeline. It involves inserting an epoxy-resin liner from an access point and patching the damaged pipe’s inner surface with an inflatable bladder. 

Once it’s cured, it creates a new pipe surface that covers cracks, gaps, and other flaws. Not only it restores water flow, but it also extends the system’s lifespan, eliminating the need to replace sewer line.

What Makes It a Practical Choice?

Thanks to trenchless technology, this type of sewer pipe line repair only requires little to no digging, making it minimally invasive. It also efficiently identifies the damaged parts of your pipeline through camera inspection, thereby saving time and eliminating disruptions on your property. 

It also keeps your landscaping intact because the repair process takes place underground. There’s no need to worry about labor-intensive repair and post-work restoration that comes with traditional methods.

Sewer pipe point repair is among the most cost-effective services that Zippity Split Plumbing offers. It is an excellent fix for dilapidated sewer lines that are hard to restore through other techniques. Besides this, we also offer trenchless sewer line replacement.

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