Understanding Drain Snaking

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If you need to fix a clogged drain in Phoenix, AZ, rely on Zippity Split Plumbing. We’ve worked on commercial and residential plumbing systems, and we can unclog just about any drainage system by using a plumbing snake.

Here’s how this method of clog removal from your plumber in Phoenix, AZ, works:

The Snake Is Inserted Into A Drain Or Toilet

In order to unclog the blockage in your pipes, the device will be inserted directly into the clogged drain or toilet. If you need drain cleaning in Phoenix AZ, reach out to our team to put a snake into any toilet or drain.

There’s A Spring-Like Auger At The End Of The Device

The spring-like device at the end of the auger is designed to loosen and snag the clog in your pipes. Our plumbers are experts when it comes to drain snaking in Phoenix, AZ, to remove just about any type of clog.

Snakes Are A Middle Ground Between Plungers And More Aggressive Clog Removal Techniques

A drain cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, can use a wide range of techniques to remove clogs from a plumbing system. If you’re unable to remove a clog by using a plunger, a drain snake is a significantly more aggressive clog removal technique that you may want to consider.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Snake Yourself

Unlike plungers, snakes can cause damage to your plumbing system if they are used improperly. In fact, they can even perforate pipes and create leaks, which is why you should always hire Zippity Split Plumbing for our professional drain cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ. Also, it’s important to never pour boiling water down clogged pipes or other DIY unclogging techniques.

Give Zippity Split Plumbing a call to get your pipes unclogged today instead of trying to correct the problem yourself. You may also fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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