The Dangers of Untreated Slab Leaks

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A slab leak develops as a result of a damaged pipe that extends under the foundation of your home. It can be difficult to detect it as it is out of sight and may have caused considerable damage by the time you realize it.

Luckily, there are telltale signs you can look out for, such as wet spots on the floor and a drop in water pressure. Once you notice any of these red flags, contact an experienced plumber in Tempe, AZ, from Zippity Split Plumbing to confirm if this is causing the problem. An untreated slab leak can lead to the following consequences:

Structural Damage

A concrete slab leak can compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation because the water pressure it creates can lead to shifting, causing cracks. When left unaddressed, your foundation might eventually collapse. This can make your home dangerous to live in.

Health Hazard

When slab leaks go undetected for so long, they can create a thriving environment for mold and mildew growth. Prolonged mold exposure can trigger health issues like asthma and allergies. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a professional inspect your plumbing system at first sight of warning signs and perform the necessary slab leak repair in Tempe, AZ.

Costly Repairs

You might end up hurting your wallet when you procrastinate on repairs. That is because your insurance policy might not cover damage caused by slab leaks, especially if you wait for too long before you take action. Don’t wait for this to happen by getting slab leak detection services as soon as possible.

With the consequences that come with a slab leak, it’s clear that prevention is better than cure. As your trusted slab leak repair company, Zippity Split Plumbing is here to spare you from these repercussions with thorough inspections and efficient solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to book an appointment.

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