Signs You Need Slab Leak Repair

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If your home is built on a slab foundation, chances are your plumbing is installed within the concrete. This can present a real problem as it makes your plumbing system more difficult to access. It’s easy to miss a slab leak until it has inflicted costly damage to your property. But by understanding the causes behind it, you can seek professional help from Zippity Split Plumbing right away.

Unexplained High Water Bill

If there’s a sudden, unexplained increase in your monthly utility bill and can’t account for the rise, you may have a slab leak. It’s wise to schedule a slab leak detection service with our team soon to prevent the costs from rising further and avoid damage. 

Foundation Heaving

If your home’s foundation experiences a sudden, significant shift due to a leak underneath, it may result in costly, permanent damage. Cracks may start to form on the walls, floors, and the slab itself. In this case, enlist professional slab leak repair in Mesa, AZ, from Zippity Split Plumbing right away to mitigate the problem.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you notice a decline in your water pressure even when you don’t have several fixtures running simultaneously, you might have to check for a concrete slab leak. Water flowing through the pipes reduces as the leak continues to flow.

Hot Spots On the Floor

In most cases, slab leaks develop in hot water lines. When hot water seeps out via the slab, the floor above becomes warm. When you notice that some sections of your floor feel unusually hotter than the others, you may have a slab leak. This is easy if you have a carpeted floor, but if you have a tile or hardwood floor, it may be hard to identify the leak unless it has become severe.

As your dependable slab leak repair company, Zippity Split Plumbing is always on call to assist you with any plumbing concerns. Our crew will arrive on time, diagnose the issue, and fix it before it gets worse. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy our special $99 leak detection offer.

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