Reasons Why Clog Issues Reoccur

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Our team here at Zippity Split Plumbing has extensive experience when it comes to drain cleaning in Tempe, AZ, In fact, we have dealt with a wide variety of plumbing issues on behalf of our clients. Many have questions about why drain clogs seem to happen repeatedly, and our crew is ready with the answers.

Tree Root Growth

Tree roots are among the most common causes of recurring clogs, and they can usually be removed by hydro jetting or other drain cleaning services. If the pipeline isn’t sealed after cleaning, however, they can regrow and take over the inside of the pipeline once again.

Collapsed Piping

Damage to a pipeline by heavy vehicle traffic or careless excavation will eventually cause the pipeline to fail and allow sewage to back up into nearby drains. An experienced plumber in Tempe, AZ, from our staff can differentiate this issue from other types of pipe back-ups by conducting a sewer camera inspection.

Pipe Separation

Separation between pipe sections can permit the soil to enter and block the pipe. This problem may mimic a clogged drain line, but it usually requires in-depth repair services instead of simple drain cleaning to remedy.

Loss of Flow Gradient

Pipelines are installed with a slight gradient to allow water to flow. If a section of pipe settles due to insufficient soil compaction, erosion of the base, or any other reason, the passage of water through the pipe may slow or stop completely. This can lead to clogging that returns even after thorough drain snaking.

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