Gurgling Drains: What Do They Mean?

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Perhaps you’re washing the dishes or taking a shower, and suddenly you hear your drains gurgle. While some people may think this is normal, it’s actually trying to tell you something. Read on as Zippity Split Plumbing, your go-to provider of quality drain cleaning services, lists the reasons behind gurgling drains:

Drain Clogs

When your drains gurgle, chances are there’s a clog in the pipes. Many things can cause drain clogs, from hair and soap scum to grease and food scraps. When water can’t flow freely in the pipes due to buildup, air will get trapped, resulting in the gurgling sounds you hear. Professional drain cleaning in Queen Creek, AZ, can eliminate pipe obstructions and restore normal water flow.

Blocked Vent Pipes

Vent pipes allow air to move through the drains while letting sewer gas escape your home. However, since these pipes are open-ended and protrude on the roof, they easily get clogged by debris. When this happens, air and gases get trapped in the pipe, emanating nasty odors and gurgling sounds from the drains. Have a trusted drain cleaning company clear your vent pipes to address the problem.

Sewer Line Issues

If you have already cleared your drains and they still gurgle, the problem might be lying deep in your sewer line. Chances are, there is a broken pipe somewhere in the system, or it is clogged by gunk, toiletries, or tree roots. This is a serious issue that may need more than drain snaking to fix.

Damaged P-trap

A P-trap refers is a curved pipe that holds water to keep sewer gases from coming out of your drains. You can usually find it below the sink. When it gets damaged, it can generate gurgling sounds and cause nasty odors to escape the drains.

When your slow or clogged drain is accompanied by gurgling sounds or other symptoms, have Zippity Split Plumbing come over to your home to get to the root of the problem. Get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment.

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