Drain Maintenance Tips

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Ensure that your plumbing system functions properly all year round by performing regular drain maintenance. If you have a problem with a clog or bigger issue, you can have a plumber in Mesa, AZ from Zippity Split Plumbing come to make repairs. Here are some drain maintenance tips to help prevent clogs:

Avoid Putting Certain Things Down Your Drains

Certain things should never be put down your drains as they can lead to a clogged drain in Mesa, AZ. Eggshells, unused medications, coffee grounds and other porous materials can get stuck in the pipes and cause a blockage. Grease and oil should also be avoided because it can harden in cold water and clog your drain. All of these items should be thrown in the garbage instead.

Regularly Clean Them

Regularly cleaning your drains is wise, but it’s best to avoid using commercial drain cleaners. Those products typically have harsh chemicals that can corrode your pipes. Instead, get in touch with your local plumber and discuss a possible maintenance routine for your drains. It also helps to call for regular drain cleaning services in Mesa, AZ to prevent any build ups inside your pipe.

Use Drain Screens

Installing a drain screen in your kitchen and bathroom sink and in the shower can make a huge difference. You may need limited drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ when you do this as all the food debris, hair, conditioner and soap collects in the drain screen.

Run Hot Water Regularly

Always run the hot water in your sinks regularly after each use. This is especially helpful in the kitchen after you hand wash dishes after eating meals. Use a large pot of hot water and pour it down your drain, followed by cool water. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to clean the drain and chase it down with hot water after letting it sit overnight. The hot water can help stray food debris to get all the way down. This practice can help you to avoid needing frequent drain snaking in Mesa, AZ.

If you live in Arizona and need a drain cleaning company in Mesa, AZ for reliable plumbing services, contact Zippity Split Plumbing at your earliest convenience.

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