Common Sewer Line Issues to Watch Out For

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Every homeowner has certain things around the house that they keep an eye on. These items usually require routine maintenance to keep them functioning properly, and your sewer line is no exception. There are several common sewer line issues that you should be watching out for. If you notice anything unusual, Zippity Split Plumbing offers sewer repair services in Mesa, AZ that can help.


Sewer pipes age, just like most things. As they age, they become more susceptible to many common issues. This includes corrosion and ruptures. Corrosion can eat through the walls of the pipe while ruptures create actual breaks. Both can cause low water pressure, clogs, and backups. Our sewer line replacement in Mesa, AZ is the perfect solution.

Tree Roots

Pesky tree roots often work their way inside of sewer lines in order to find water. Not only does this damage the pipe itself, but the roots can become so thick that they create a blockage. Our plumber in Mesa, AZ can inspect your sewer line and locate these annoying clogs.

Worn Joints

Your sewer line is made up of several sections of pipe that are connected by joints. It is not unusual for these joints to wear out over time. Our sewer line repair in Mesa, AZ can replace these worn jonts.


Blockages may not require us to replace sewer line in Mesa AZ, but they do cause problems such a backups and clogs. Our technicians can locate and remove many common blockages so that your water can flow properly throughout your home’s plumbing system.

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