Common Drain Clogging Culprits

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Drain clogs are a common problem for many homeowners. Unfortunately, many people do not know the causes of drain clogs and how to prevent them. In this Zippity Split Plumbing blog post, we will discuss some of the most common culprits behind drain clogs. We will also provide tips on how to avoid these problems, as well as information on drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ!

One of the most common drain clogging culprits is hair. Hair can easily become tangled in drain pipes, which can cause serious clogs. To avoid this problem, keep all drain covers clean and free of debris. You should also regularly check your drains for any signs of hair buildup. If you do find hair in your drain, be sure to remove it immediately.

Another common drain clogging culprit is grease. Grease can build up in drain pipes and cause serious clogs. To avoid this problem, dispose of all grease properly. You should also avoid pouring grease down your drain. Pour hot water down your drain to melt grease that found its way down the drain.

If you are having problems with drain clogs, contact an expert in drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. Zippity Split Plumbing is a leading provider of drain cleaning and plumbing services in the area. We can help you get your drains flowing freely again. Contact our plumbers in Phoenix, AZ today to schedule a drain cleaning!

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